John Fastramp and the Dakota 3000 Challenge was the book that started it all! 


John Fastramp and his friends were no strangers to extraordinary races but even they had never driven in such a remarkable contest as the Dakota 3000 Challenge. Perhaps they should have understood the dangers that lay ahead – there were enough warning signs – cut brake lines, threatening telegrams and a flying saucer’s hungry tractor beam!

It got even worse for John and his friends when they met some of their fellow racers! Only three things were obvious – they had curious abilities, remarkable cars and a strong dislike of John!

John is a superb driver and his car is very special - the Blue Spider has lasers, special tires, protective armor and many more dazzling inventions – but will it be enough to overcome the obstacles ahead? Would John and his friends be able to overcome the highly unusual dangers of the Dakota 3000 Challenge?

Copyright © John Fastramp. All rights reserved.

Artwork by Kirk Manley. All rights reserved.